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When Did I Forget To Prioritise Myself?

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “When did I forget to prioritise myself?” As women, it can be easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life. We strive for success in our careers and put our all into raising children, but what about our own needs and wants? Sometimes we find ourselves so focused on meeting other people’s needs that we don’t even realise when we’ve stopped prioritising ourselves. Let’s look at why this happens and how we can get back to focusing on what is important to us.

Why is it Important to Prioritise Yourself?

Prioritising yourself means allowing yourself the time and space needed to focus on your own values and needs. This is important because it allows us to find fulfillment and satisfaction in life. As women, it is easy for us to become overwhelmed with all that we have going on; work, kids, family commitments...the list goes on! If you don't give yourself time and attention then you risk feeling unfulfilled or like a stranger in your own life.

How Can You Start Prioritising Yourself Again?

The first step towards getting back onto the right path is understanding what your highest values are. Take some time out of your day each week so you can reflect and think about what matters most to you. Is it spending quality time with friends? Going for a run each morning? Making sure you have enough ‘me-time’ during the day? Think about how these things make you feel – happy, energised, content – whatever it may be focus on how they enrich your life rather than just taking up time or energy.

Once you have identified your highest values start setting aside some time each day where you can do something that makes you happy - whether that be reading a book or magazine, having lunch with friends, or simply just taking a hot bath (yes please!). Focusing on activities that fulfill your values will help create balance in both your personal and professional life making sure that no one area takes away from another.

It's never too late to start prioritising yourself again! Once we understand our highest values, it becomes easier for us to spend more time doing those things which bring joy into our lives - creating positive change both within ourselves as well as those around us who benefit from our presence when we're feeling at our best! So take some 'me-time' today; remind yourself why self-care matters! Your future self will thank you for it!

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Katie is passionate about guiding women to achieve greater fulfillment and happiness in life by uncovering and aligning their values with their actions so they can experience fun, easy success!

Multi-passionate business owner, wife, mum of boys, ADHD, Brit in Oz who loves a cuppa and a chat, also loves red wine, sunshine, and living life in Queensland!


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