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Shake it off! Three things you can lose today to feel instantly happier

Can you believe we are only a few weeks away from the end of 2022?! I feel like we have only just started - eek!

I was watching my gorgeous golden Cocker Spaniel, Pineapple, at the beach this weekend. Every time he came out of the water, he would vigourously shake himself off, water flying everywhere, and he looked so happy afterward that the weight of the water was gone and he could run off down the beach with more energy and speed. You can see what I'm talking about here!

It got me thinking about how much more energy and speed we can have in life when we shake off what is weighing us down. When we feel unrestricted and able to move, we can achieve a lot more.

So I wanted to share three things with you that you probably won't expect, that you can shake off starting today.

1) Other people's expectations

When we constantly focus on the expectations other people place on us (kids, partners, bosses, family, friends, dogs!), we lose sight of what is really important to us. We are not being true to ourselves so we actually aren’t even able to give fully to others anyway. Our expectations can vary greatly; what you see as a priority of your time may be different from what someone else sees as a priority of your time. Focus on the expectations you have for yourself and be accountable to them. This will energize you not deflate you!

2) Guilt for putting yourself first

I know, I know, the guilt is real!! But feeling guilty about putting our needs first leads us straight back to number one!☝️It is vital we put ourselves first so we can be the best version of ourselves, set healthy boundaries, and serve others more effectively. It’s easy to fall into the guilt trap of feeling selfish for doing this and that you are neglecting others, but you can’t pour from an empty cup so your cup needs to be filled first.

3) Avoidance of pleasure and fun!

Life can feel like a treadmill of mundane tasks and stifling routines sometimes! It is so important to prioritise pleasure and fun so we get the balance between what we have to do (work, feed the kids, pay bills blah blah blah yawn 🥱) with what lights us up and we love to do, as this is what inspires and motivates us! We all have a hedonistic part to our personalities, embrace it and let it come out to play once in a while!

So what can you shake off for today? What would give you more energy if you were able to let it go? I'd love to know!

Come and share in my chilled community The Calm Vibe Soul Tribe or DM me on Instagram I love connecting!


Katie is passionate about guiding women to achieve greater fulfillment and happiness in life by uncovering and aligning their values with their actions so they can experience fun, easy success!

Multipassionate business owner, wife, mum of boys, ADHD, Brit in Oz who loves a cuppa and a chat, also loves red wine, sunshine, and living life in Queensland!


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