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Three Steps To Choosing A Career You Love

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

When you are looking to change your career, it is super important to make sure it is to one you love! It is too common for people to move into what has been presented to them by others as a good opportunity, or to chase something that is out of alignment with their values.

Follow these three steps to identify a change you will love.

Step 1: What gives you joy?

Think about where your energy goes when you have time and space to think and be. What do you enjoy about this and is this something you would do all day every day? How does this translate into a career or business? When we are working in a place of enjoyment, we are more content, more productive, and less stressed!

Step 2: What have you prepared for?

Have you gone back to study to build your expertise in a particular area that you now want to implement? Have you added further skills or knowledge to your current skill set so you can progress, or studied in a new area so you can diversify? List the changes you have made to your development so you can align them with your next direction.

Step 3: What are your highest values?

When you align with your values, what you do feels easy and fun! Don't pick a career that is in opposition. Being a marketing manager for a not-for-profit will be a drastically different experience from being a marketing manager for an investment bank. Same role, different environment, your love of the job will be dictated by your values and what you believe in!

So think carefully about what you have to offer as well as what you need. Most importantly, do what you love. There is no point going into a new career that you think you 'should' because it is expected or it will tick a box that doesn't mean anything to you.

My Find the Fun program will be opening soon, where I will teach and guide you on how to make your choices enjoyable ones, that align with your purpose and values and make you feel GOOD! You can join the waitlist here and be the first to know when the doors open.


Hi, I'm Katie, a disco-loving, woman-empowering, career brand strategist and language-loving wordsmith, and I've been helping women build achievement-focused, impactful careers since 2011.

After helping hundreds of women to grow their dream careers, by running a successful career branding and resume writing business, I am now passionate about empowering women to be the leaders in their own careers and teaching them what it takes to create their own values-aligned, purposeful career brand that is EASY, EXCITING and FUN!

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