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How your values increase your happiness

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Soul values, core values, personal values. Whatever you call them, your values are beliefs you hold that steer your behaviour and your actions.

Your values can have a significant impact in how you show up. When you look at a particular aspect of your life, you can break it down to say if you are living in accordance with your values by how you behave and how that makes you feel.

Aligning your values with your actions

For example, if one of your values is quality time with family, think about the time you spend with the family and then assess it for its quality. If you are just sitting around watching TV together not talking, or the kids are in their rooms all evening and you never find out about their day, is this the quality of time that you need with them or is just being in their presence enough? If you want to spend more time engaging with the family, then you could implement changes to your family routine such as eating dinner together without the TV and holding space to listen to each other on what you've done during your day, any challenges you may have had, or anything you want to celebrate. This facilitates engagement with each other and being able to connect through support and celebration.

One of your values may be having flexibility, but if you are in a job that has strict working hours and a very defined structure, it might not be the place for you. You may think you hate your job, but it is actually the environment you hate, not the work! In a more relaxed and flexible environment doing the same work, you would thrive.

So have a think about how your values are being reflected in your life, and what you can do to improve the alignment.


Hi, I'm Katie, a disco-loving, woman-empowering, career brand strategist and language-loving wordsmith, and I've been helping women build achievement-focused, impactful careers since 2011.

After helping hundreds of women to grow their dream careers, by running a successful career branding and resume writing business, I am now passionate about empowering women to be the leaders in their own careers and teaching them what it takes to create their own values-aligned, purposeful career brand that is EASY, EXCITING and FUN!

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